Smash a URL



Ad free (once verified), reversible, customizable, changeable, track-able,QR Code'ed smashed URL's. And did we mention it's all free?

If you become a member (its free), and create a short URL, each one is unique to your account.
You can create trackable items to use in your Classified Ads, web site postings, blog sites or any other site that will allow you to embed an html image.

Once your new URL has been smashed, you also get a version of the short URL as a QR Code. The QR Code can be used in print media, or the back of a Tee Shirt even, Business Cards, mass mailings, flyers ect.. These URL QR Codes are very handy to have best of all they are FREE, you can share links with friends, save your URL QR Codes to facebook or even post on Twitter. URL QR Codes are an easy way of sending traffic to what ever you want. Print flyers with the URL QR Codes and leave them every where you go. People will click on them with their phones just to try it out. What a great way to send traffic to your landing page, squeeze page or classified ad pages.

Classified Ad Analytics

Web stats available for members

The ability to track everything you post and the locations of all views on those posts.
Track Classified Ad listings ect.., and any other site where you post content and have the ability to include a link to an image.

Membership Features

  • Changeable 301/304 Redirects
  • Short URL's
  • Free QR Codes
  • Click Tracking
  • Custom Variables
  • Landing / Squeeze Pages
  • Page Trackers

Your Own URL

URL image, just imagine yours being shorter

Need a short URL? Enter a valid URL above and start using our redirects

I needed a way to use my old domain without buying a new name, this was my answer and it is free.

Larry P,
Craigslist retailer

Our Products

We offer a monthly membership

that entitles our members to tools and services, to help them get the most out of their internet marketing strategies. We have been in their shoes and know what it is like to walk ten miles in them. Our approach has been as a helper to our brothers and sisters in the business.

There are a lot of schemes out there

that claim riches and a life on the beach while some auto-pilot software does all the work. But it has been our experience that these tools do not exist. All of them require you to do something that they are not telling you. We´re here to help you do the work, to find out if these schemes actually work, and to help track your success along the way.

Our product line

or our service is really just a set of powerful tools that give you some insight into your campaigns, are they working? Some of which we cannot help with now, but we are adding features every day. We are adding features each month, as they go live, you will automatically have access to them.

We offer keyword micro pages.

This means you can fire up and make live up to the maximum in your account with a few simple steps. You will have a fully functional keyword driven dynamic site in less than five minutes.

Have your own domain name? No problem, we can host it and just forward your domain to your page URL.

Want to have your own hosting and your own domain? No problem, we have a hosting company as well and can fire up a hosting account for you with a click of a button.
Your sites will stay yours for as long as you want to be a member.

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