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Since 2006, we have been working hard on producing a killer app, it was not until recently that technolodgy has cought up with our ideas.

For the last 2 years we have been developing a software package that will help internet marketer’s in their quest for greatness. Through the power of combined API’s from other vendors and software firms, we have put together a stunning package of tools and utilities for an unbeatable price.

As with any other industry, if your late to the game, you better have something worth offering to people. We feel that this is worth a look and thus we have continued to produce, refine and tweak our product line to be one of the best on the market, and definitely the cheapest.

Our Services

We offer a monthly membership that entitles our members to tools and services, to help them get the most out of their internet marketing strategies. We have been in their shoes and know what it is like to walk ten miles in them. Our approach has been as a helper to our brothers and sisters in the business.

There are a lot of schemes out there that claim riches and a life on the beach while some auto-pilot software does all the work. But it has been our experience that these tools do not exist. All of them require you to do something that they are not telling you. We´re here to help you do the work, to find out if these schemes actually work, and to help you track your success along the way.

Our product line or our service is really just a set of powerful tools that give you some insight into your campaigns, are they working? Some of which we cannot help with now, but we are adding features every day. We are adding features each month, as they go live, you will automatically have access to them.

We offer keyword micro pages. This means you can fire up and make live up to the maximum in your account with a few simple steps. You will have a fully functional keyword driven dynamic site in less than five minutes.

Have your own domain name? No problem, we can host it and just forward your domain to your page URL.

Want to have your own hosting and your own domain? No problem, we have a hosting company as well and can fire up a hosting account for you with a click of a button.
Your sites will stay yours for as long as you want to be a member.

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So whats free?

  • Shrink as many URL's as you like right from the home page. Each shrink gives you a printable QR code
Description Free Basic Bronze Silver Gold
Trackable, Customizable Short URL redirects 25 50 100 Unlimited ∞
Page Trackers 0 1 5 10 20
Hosted Short URL Web Pages 0 0 5 10 20

Additional Pages

Do you need just a few more pages? Share our links on 10 verifiable pages and get an additional page. Just email us the pages you shared our links on and we will do the rest. (soon to be automated)

Need a complete site built? No problem, we can build you a complete web site, just send us a message in our contact page

What is Internet Marketing?
Internet marketing is associated with several business models:

E-commerce: a model whereby goods and services are sold directly to consumers (B2C), businesses (B2B), or from consumer to consumer (C2C) using computers connected to a network.
Lead-based websites: a strategy whereby an organization generates value by acquiring sales leads from its website. Similar to walk-in customers in retail world. These prospects are often referred to as organic leads.
Affiliate Marketing: a process wherein a product or service developed by one entity is sold by other active sellers for a share of profits.
The entity that owns the product may provide some marketing material (e.g., sales letters, affiliate links, tracking facilities, etc.); however, the vast majority of affiliate marketing relationships come from e-commerce businesses that offer affiliate programs.
Local Internet marketing: a strategy through which a small company utilizes the Internet to find and to nurture relationships that can be used for real-world advantages. Local Internet marketing uses tools such as social media marketing, local directory listing, and targeted online sales promotions.

One-to-one approaches

In a one-to-one approach, marketers target a user browsing the Internet alone and so that the marketers' messages reach the user personally. This approach is used in search marketing, for which the advertisements are based on search engine keywords entered by the users. This approach usually works under the pay per click (PPC) method. Appeal to specific interests When appealing to specific interests, marketers place an emphasis on appealing to a specific behavior or interest, rather than reaching out to a broadly defined demographic. These marketers typically segment their markets according to age group, gender, geography, and other general factors.

Niche marketing

Niche and hyper-niche internet marketing put further emphasis on creating destinations for web users and consumers on specific topics and products.
Niche marketers differ from traditional Internet marketers as they have a more specialized topic knowledge. For example, whereas in traditional Internet marketing a website would be created and promoted on a high-level topic such as kitchen appliances, niche marketing would focus on more specific topics such as 4-slice toasters.
Niche marketing provides end users of such sites very targeted information, and allows the creators to establish themselves as authorities on the topic or product.


In Internet marketing, geo targeting and geo marketing are the methods of determining the geolocation of a website visitor with geolocation software, and delivering different content to that visitor based on his or her location, such as latitude and longitude, country, region or state, city, metro code or zip code, organization, Internet Protocol (IP) address, ISP, and other criteria. Source: Wiki